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Spanish Class Community Service Project

Ms. Monroe’s High School Spanish I students just completed a big project! It's a great compilation of what they've learned to date where they created coloring book pages and brought in crayons, toothbrushes, puzzles, cars, etc. to donate. So far, our high school kids have collected over 3,500 crayons, 51 toothbrushes, 45 health related items, 59 note pads, 92 writing utensils, 37 sheets of stickers, 32 cars, 9 pairs of sunglasses, 50 educational toys, and over 100 coloring books! In the next couple of weeks, Ms. Monroe will be bringing the coloring books and items to a group from St. Cloud that is traveling to Guatemala for a volunteer work opportunity where they will be installing stoves and water purifiers in homes and communities. The items our Foley students made and donated will be passed out to children throughout their trip.

Ms. Monroe’s 8th grade Spanish students are just starting this project as well.

Foley High School Spanish I Community Service Project.

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