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Foley Summer Workouts SAPQR--Summer Registration Form

Foley Summer Workouts SAPQR--Summer Registration Form


Foley Summer Workouts SAPQR- 
(Speed, Agility, Power, Quickness, Resistance) 

Foley Falcons Summer Workout Mission Statement 

  • To Be Falcon Strong - create an opportunity to train as athletes coming together as one
  • Seize the Day - We want to train together to be ready for the beginning of the Fall Sports Season (Just over 70 days until first practice)
  • Time to Train Differently - Even though we are in unusual times, we have to overcome adversity and train in a different way to become the best we can 

General Information 

  • Summer workouts are an opportunity for all student athletes (grades 7-12) at NO COST 
  • We will be using the PLT4M app for workouts 
  • All you need to do is download the app - if you already are in PLT4M you will be able click on 2020 summer SAPQR workouts 
  • If you are new to PLT4M (have never logged on before) you will need to check your school email for the invite so you can register. Once you register, you will have to download the app and then you will have access to the workouts 
  • Workouts will be posted weekly under 2020 Summer SAPQR 
  • If you are unable to log-in on Monday, please contact Coach Piepgras, Coach Gross or Coach Dahlstrom 


  • June 1st through August 7th - workouts provided 
  • June 1st - June 14th -Workouts will be virtual (Unless guidelines change - we will continue to update you as we get new information) 
  • June 15th- August 7th- In person workouts-on campus- (track, outdoor practice fields) 
    • Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays (pick one option)
      • 6:45-7:30am
      • 7:30-8:15am
      • 5:00-5:45pm
      • 5:45-6:30pm
  • No contact period is July 3rd - July 5th 

SAPQR Registration Form