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LIFT Program Blanket Project
Students in our LIFT (18-21) Program had the pleasure of spreading a great amount of cheer as they completed a COVID friendly drop off of the blankets at The Gardens at Foley. With the generosity of staff and the hardworking hands of many students, over 100 lap blankets were made for the residents. Thank you so much to all who contributed to the cause. A special thank you to Mike Carlson for sending blankets out to his Crafts 1 and 2 students as distance learning was initiated. His efforts helped make certain we could make a drop of blankets before Christmas.

Through the project, the LIFT students worked on a variety of essential skills that will be used on the job site someday including communication, decision making, flexibility and leadership. Most importantly, however, they say a need and worked to initiate a project that brought a great amount of joy to the residents at The Gardens at Foley. With permission, I have included photos of some residents as they received their fleece blankets. The smiles are contagious!

LIFT Program Tie Blankets
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