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Spirit 92.9 Mongo's Lunch Winner!
Spirit 92.9 hosts a Mongo's Lunch Hour every Friday at noon where callers can nominate a family member, coworker, church leader, or community member that they feel deserves a free lunch! Rebecca Grundhoefer of Foley Public Schools was nominated and selected as this week's winner of lunch for 2! This winning entry was submitted on Rebecca's behalf:

"Rebecca is our technology go-to in our school district. Not only did we just begin 1 to 1 with devices, but we rolled it out during a pandemic. She not only had to get these computers into the hands of students but needed to get everyone up and running. She is the kindest lady and is always willing to pop into our classrooms if any teacher or student is having a problem. She has worked many many long hours and deserves the recognition and a reward from Mongo's. She has a wonderful attitude and is always so positive when helping others learn. Hats off to Rebecca for all she does at Foley School District. Distance learning is not easy but she made it bearable with many new ideas and techniques to make the teaching and learning enjoyable. Thanks Rebecca Grundhoefer!"

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