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Spring Activities Update
Spring is coming and so are spring activities! Our weather seems to be cooperating so keep your fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Due to our adjusted schedule this year, the start date for all 9-12 sports is Monday, March 29th with the exception of Trapshooting which starts on the 28th. If your student is planning to participate, please take some time to register them as soon as possible. Registering early ensures better communication between the coach and your student. 7/8 grade students in baseball, softball and track will start April 7th. Those involved in boys tennis, trapshooting and golf will start with the high school teams. The spring schedule is available to view on our webpage:

Click on View Schedules (under the calendar) and select the sport you are interested in. Please keep in mind that there will be changes made going forward as we are still working on 7/8 grade schedules as well as the track and golf schedules.

Weather related changes will be posted on our website, Facebook page and Twitter site.

The Benton County News is donating $5 back to Foley Falcons Activities with every new or renewed subscription to the weekly newspaper. Offer expires on May 3rd.

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