News Article
Foley Public Schools Adopts Core Values
Foley Public Schools, in collaboration with community members, have adopted the following Core Values which will continue to be a guiding document for many years to come.

We will:
  • provide learning opportunities and support for all students, families, and community members.
  • deliver a challenging academic curriculum that enables all students to be active and engaged learners.
  • build the foundation for lifelong learning in a global society.
  • celebrate our individual and collective strengths.
We will:
  • be a friendly and welcoming community recognizing everyone has value.
  • provide a caring environment where people are connected and engaged.
  • proudly serve with compassion and cultural understanding.
  • develop the capacity to forgive ourselves and others.
We will:
  • value and care for ourselves and each other.
  • demonstrate fairness in our decisions and actions.
  • appreciate the opportunities and privileges afforded us.
  • represent a positive image of our school and community.
We will:
  • embrace the uniqueness of each individual.
  • provide a safe, caring, and personalized learning environment.
  • work collaboratively with the community to achieve common goals.
  • build lasting relationships by encouraging positive ways to contribute to the broader community.